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The embroidery is immaculate, made from probably the most delectable cactus silk. Vibrant tones, trendy design, and gorgeous stitching are the trademarks of the Berber Bag, as seen by ABURY. What's extra, the Moroccan Berber Bag is a product of moral trend and truthful commerce, hand-sewn by local artisans with the most exquisite goat leather-based in the land. Greater than magnificence, these Berber Baggage have a variety of love to provide.

We preserve these pure imperfections to boost every piece's character and individuality. Our pure end is our lighter leather-based end, comparatively. Although it’s "cleaner," it may still have some scuffs and stains, which we preserve to keep the leather’s natural character. Over time it, like all of our baggage, will develop a natural patina.

✓Thanks for Contacting Us. ✓Thanks for Contacting Us. ✓Thanks for Contacting Us. ✓Thanks for Contacting Us. ✓Thanks for Contacting Us. It's 100% Hand made Leather. It is stamped designon the Leather-based. Even there's yet another small portion by zip. It is on the market in diffirent design and shade also.

Choose you perfect present from Ukraine: handmade leather bags Lviv. In Ukraine Mastak is a popular expression for "Master of trade". The phrase is used for trained and expert craftsmen, who're good at making craftwork themselves. In the present day we call this: handmade. Therefore the identify of our workshop just isn't a coincidence.

The reason why you get two is balance - since it’s a bag bag, a single shoulder strap would make the bag sway and tilt if you decide it up. And when you may have two of them, the duffel bag is more stable, and it’s simpler to carry it when it is absolutely packed.