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With the rugged design of a fight boot and the lightweight feel of a running shoe, Rothco’s Military Jungle Boots provide unparalleled tread, flexibility, and consolation while you carry out fight coaching, rucking, playing a aggressive game of paintball, and lots of other out of doors activities. The military jungle boot’s higher section is fabricated from breathable and flexible canvas / nylon material, providing you with a wide range of movement while traveling on uneven surfaces. With an overall height of 8", the military combat boot offers you excessive ankle assist when securely tied with the 9 eyelet lacing system. Every army boot comes with a thick vulcanized rubber cleated Panama outsole for enhanced traction while you're on the move. Constructed with a steel shank in-between the insole and outsole, the Panama sole boot reduces pressure on your heels and calves so you may withstand lengthy days in your feet. Whether or not from perspiration or traveling by means of wet environments, the soldier boots embody twin vent holes to keep your feet cool and dry. Note: The jungle firefighter boots run a dimension larger, which has been designed to put on with two pairs of wool socks.

It’s vitally vital that you utilize particular jungle boots for trekking in the jungle because they are the only kinds of boots that permit sufficient ventilation and water drainage to maintain your toes dry. Otherwise, your toes might develop into the victim of trench foot and related diseases that not only impede your potential to stroll through jungles and swamps however threaten your life as effectively.

At the same time, it is made with an outsole that has a slip-resistant quality. This is an important safety feature to ensure that you won’t by accident slip off any floor. The fiberglass shank on this shoe is another feature that delivers added comfort. It also guarantees that your toes can have enough wiggle room inside.

The first jungle boots to be worn in South East Asia the place developed immediately publish WWII for use in Panama. They resembled WWII boots by having double buckles and a russet brown leather finish. They noticed limited use in Vietnam with the exception of being worn by early Particular Forces advisor groups in Laos (Operation Hot Foot / White Star) and occasionally by TDY groups in Vietnam. Their early use by Particular Forces is the primary reason they're desirable to collectors in the present day. The pair in my assortment are 1951 dated.