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This summer while many families on the East Coast are packing their mini-vans and SUVs and heading south to Florida and other beaches and destinations, it may be best to avoid the crowds and head north. Right across the United States border is one of Canada's most beautiful cities, Montreal, and it has a lot to offer. From the 38 block underground city, casino, gardens and their own Six Flags, there is a lot to do this Canadian hot-spot. But if you're planning a trip there, you need a place to stay, and the Holiday Inn Aeroport is a great choice.

The "Aeroport" subtitle of the Holiday Inn stands for Airport in English and is just minutes away from the Dorval international Airport. Being so close to the airport it would seem that you would be disrupted by planes taking off and landing, but that is not the case here, as no noise or rumbling was heard throughout the stay there. When entering the Holiday Inn Aeroport, the lobby is nicely designed with stone tiling and various plants around.

The front desk staff is very courteous and helpful. Montreal is a bi-lingual city, depending where you are, the main language could either be in French or English, and thankfully all of the staff at the Holiday Inn can switch back and forth with ease. Past the lobby are stairs to a salon and various meeting rooms. There is also a small gift shop with magazines, drinks, and an array of Montreal souvenirs.

To get to your room, you'll have to walk by the Tropical Atrium, a unique, wide-open area, with many different highlights. First is the pool and two hot tubs. The pool is shaped nice, kind of like a cashew, an while it does not get too deep, is very relaxing. Beside it, are two hot tubs, one just surrounded by a gate, but the other is under a wooden gazebo type thing, thats adds the theme and relaxation. Surrounding the pool area are a lot of different palm trees and other tropical trees, all with lights wrapped around the trunks, setting a nice scene for the pool area at night.

All the trees are real too, with sprinklers going off at various times of the day. The Tropical Atrium also has a huge fish tank, with colorful fish swimming all day. That is also lit up nicely at night. Opposite of the fish is a cage with many different birds to add even more to the tropical mood. All of these nice little touches, make the stay at the Holiday Inn Aeroport really comfortable. To the far side of the Atrium is the small gaming area. There is a full-size pool table, ping-pong, Fooseball, air hockey, and a puppet machine.

All of the machines take Canadian quarters except for ping pong which is free. Now for the rooms. All of the rooms are spacious, with whatever bed you request, there is room to roam. All of the rooms feature a desk with very comfortable computer chair and complementary high speed Internet access. The Internet access is nice for looking up last minute directions. The television is standard like any other hotel, around 29 inches in size and features about a dozen basic cable channels and pay movies to order.

The beds are slightly firm but really relaxing, each bed comes with enough pillows for your comfort and requesting pillows is easy and quick. The bathroom was a little small, but good enough. The water heated up fast so there was not a long wait at all to step into the shower. On our trip we forgot toothpaste and a call to the front desk got us some fast, and [] complimentary. All of the rooms feature a full-menu of room service, but just like any room service it can be a bit pricey.

The Outremer Restaurant located down near the Tropical Atrium is also a little pricey, but features a full menu and good and delicious food. The only downfall of the Holiday Inn Aeroport is it's location. Their ads claim it is only fifteen minutes to Downtown Montreal or the casino, but it is more like a half hour. If you hate driving, especially in city traffic, I would not recommend this hotel, but if you don't mind driving, then this is the perfect, affordable hotel.